5 Tobbi’s Most Fashionable Ride-on Cars For Boys

5 Tobbi’s Most Fashionable Ride-on Cars For Boys

Have you ever discovered that more and more kids riding their electric ride on cars to have fun nowadays? According to recent market researches, kids ride-on car has been a popular toy category.

However, the hot popularity also means that you have to face a wide range of car toys when choosing, no matter on websites or in markets. You might have no idea what type or kind of electric car is more suitable for your children, or you might feel dazzled in front of various ride-on cars.

There is no doubt that parents all want to choose a brilliant and popular electric toy car for kids, and see the smile on their faces upon receiving this cool gift. So we choose several most fashionable ride-on cars for boys at us.tobbi.com below. Hopefully, you can get inspired or just shop one of them directly. Let’s get started!


12V Bentley Licensed Electric Kids Ride-on Car

I guess you have felt it’s probably an eye-catching vehicle, right? It’s a luxury & exquisite kids ride-on car, in terms of its realistic appearance and shape. If your kid has a passion for brand racer cars, this officially licensed ride-on car by Bentley is a perfect choice.

The biggest shining point of this toy car is its licensed brand. When seeing the photo at first glance, you might think it’s a real Bentley racer car. Tobbi makes great efforts on the most realistic seats, rear mirrors, headlights, and other small details to let this product look more authentic. After all, the more realistic the car is, the better the experience kids can feel. Your boy won’t say no to such a luxury racer car.

Except for the eye-catching appearance, this popular electric car has another point to attract you. It comes with parental remote control, which enables parents to play with kids together. On weekends, you can use the controller to drive your children to the park, and they can comfortably sit in the car and have fun. A toy is not only an entertainment tool for kids but a bond to connect family members and increase your interactions with kids.

Don’t worry that your kids might get bored with the toy car soon, because driving is not the sole function.

The built-in media player will add more fun. Kids can play music or their favourite stories while driving, which makes them immersed in driving more. Meanwhile, it’s conducive to kids’ mental development in such a potential way.


12V Kids Ride-on Motorcycle

Probably your boy is a crazy fan of motorcycles, then this most fashionable ride-on motorcycle at Tobbi can fit your kid well. It’s a perfect gift for boys who prefer motorcycles to vehicles.

Simulated dashboard, horn sound, bright LED lights, etc. These realistic details and designs offer the best motorcycle driving experience for your boy.


You might consider that a ride-on motorcycle is not as stable as a car. That’s why we design extra 2 auxiliary wheels to improve stability. So that it can greatly prevent kids from falling. And footrests can also provide enough protection while driving.

This 12V kids motorcycle is also accessible to use media players, which provides more recreations. Driving the cool motorcycle, listening to exciting music, it’s a music and speed enjoyment for boys.

However, we don’t suggest toddlers drive it on account of safety. You can choose it for them when they grow older. Have Best Kids Hoverboard.


Mercedes Benz Licensed Kids Push Ride-on Car

This one is super popular and fashionable at us.tobbi.com, particularly for toddlers.

Some parents insist that it’s not safe enough for toddlers to play with an electric car, it makes sense. Thus, this push ride-on car can satisfy them well.

As you can see from the name, it’s not an electric car but a ride-on push car. Your boy/girl only needs to sit in the car and then enjoy it. When parents go out shopping but have to take their toddlers, this ride-on car can perfectly solve it. You can use the control handle with suitable height to push the car, it’s very simple and convenient.

As for security, this product is equipped with a guardrail and retractable footrest, which enables kids to walk by themselves.

If your boy is at the toddler stage, this cheap and convenient ride-on car is your best choice. Oh, by the way, it’s also officially licensed by Mercedes Benz, its appearance and design will make it stand out on the streets.


12V Kids Ride-on Car (Airplane)

Does your boy have a dream of being a pilot and flying in the sky? Let Tobbi’s Ride-on Airplane defend their dreams and accompany them to achieve. This aeroplane-shaped ride-on car can create a sense of flying an aeroplane for kids who yearn for the blue sky.

Role-playing is important and necessary in the process of kids’ development. They will use different life-related toys to build a particular world in their minds to explore. Kids can be satisfied with feeling like pilots when driving this ride-on aeroplane, and it’s an incentive to push them to pursue dreams and improve creativity.

Same as other ride-on cars, this one is also with remote control mode to let parents interact with kids and have fun together.


12V Kids Ride-on Electric Truck

The last we’d like to show you is this ride-on truck. Boys, always prefer to walk around instead of staying quietly, like chasing in the park, exploring in the mountain, digging on the sand. This ride-on car can perfectly meet their needs.

As it’s shown from pictures, robust car body, big and wear-resist wheels, sturdy bumper, all of these empower this electric truck take kids to explore on all kinds of terrains freely. Grounds shall not be the restriction to stopping kids playing, so this product is quite suitable for your boys who like to play outdoor very much.



Except for these external facilities, kids can be well protected with adjustable seat belts and speed limit function. What’s more, the varied functions of media players will offer kids a thrilling experience.


Every kid dreams of an ideal ride-on car, it’s important to choose a suitable and fashionable for your boys. We’re happy if you have some ideas on choosing toy cars for kids through our recommendations, or you can just select these popular electric cars at Tobbi above, which won’t let you and kids be disappointed.


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