Catastrophic Voting Bill on Verge of Passing State House

The NC Senate is on the verge of passing House Bill 589, a catastrophic anti-voting bill that will result in dramatically longer lines at the polls and the same election chaos that brings Florida shame each election year.

Here are just some of the things that House Bill 589 will do:

  • Cut a week off Early Voting.
  • Limit Early Voting locations and hours.
  • Forbid polls to stay open late if crowded on Election Day.
  • Require government-issued photo ID in order to be able to vote.
  • Authorize vigilante poll observers.
  • Eliminate polling site flexibility for the elderly or voters with disabilities.
  • Eliminate Same Day Registration.
  • Repeal provisional voting for voters who go to the wrong precinct.
  • Outlaw paid voter registration drives.
  • Stop voter pre-registration for 16- and 17-year old citizens.
  • End the high school voter registration drive mandate.
  • Let candidates distance themselves from attack ads run by their campaigns.
  • Slow down the electronic filing of campaign contributions.
  • Repeal public financing and increase secret money in elections.

Write your state reps NOW and tell them to vote NO to HB589!

Share this social media graphic with people across all political parties so they understand the scope and nature of this bill.

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