Attacks on Voting in NC

Voting is a fundamental constitutional right — not a privilege.

For most Americans, the right to vote was achieved only after decades of  struggle. In the leading democracy in the world, voting should be free, fair, and accessible for all eligible voters.

But a voter ID law in North Carolina could make it harder for potentially hundreds of thousands of eligible voters to participate in our democracy. According to the North Carolina Board of Elections, more than 600,000 eligible North Carolina voters may not have a state-issued photo ID.

The process of obtaining a state-issued photo ID requires time and money that many North Carolinians — especially low-income, disabled, and elderly voters — don’t have. It may sound simple, but in reality, it’s costly and complicated.

Please join these organizations in asking the North Carolina General Assembly to respect your vote by rejecting any measures that would place additional burdens on eligible voters.

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  1. William Hollar says:

    Subj: Voter ID decreases turnout- update article 2008 vs 2012
    Recent articles show that “True the Vote” was wrong (intentionally?), and that Voter ID laws decreased voter participation.

    referenced in HuffPo 03/01/13:

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